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Refinishing a cabinetry system or series of cabinets is often confused with cabinetry refacing or refacing cabinets because their expressions are similar, if not altogether misinterpreted. Granted, both techniques are geared towards revitalizing cabinetry systems or enhancing their visual appeal. One way involves changing the color, pattern, or staining of the cabinets, whereas the other involves attaching additional material (wood, metal, plastic laminates, veneers, and thermofoils) to the existing cabinetry to present a newer, more refined look that can replace the older, more mundane look. In order to refinish the luster and likability of your property’s cabinets and cabinetry systems without incurring potentially expensive financial burdens or “downtime” to the cabinets’ utility, we recommend exploring the cabinet refinishing options we offer for our local patrons.

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As part of the cabinet refinishing services we offer local Charloote, NC residents, we are able to incorporate several effective techniques, such as custom coloring, fresh finishing, and specialized staining. By simply referencing our satisfied client list, any concerns regarding the promptness of service for cabinet refinishing or the effectiveness of our cabinetry refinishing coverage can easily and quite effectively be resolved.

There are no two sets of cabinets, entire cabinetry systems, or the clients who own them. It is therefore only natural that our cabinet refinishing services and cabinetry refinishing expertise will also follow suit to promote adaptability and diversity.

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Cabinet Refacing Charlotte NC offers full kitchen cabinet restorations that won’t damage your cabinets. The process does not require a color shift or color change, and the wood surface is minimally worn. If the surface is dirty or greased, we can do quick touch-ups to remove them. Your tired cabinets will shine like new again!


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